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We represent the most talented, professional performers in the business. You represent the creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit that puts those members to work. Let's do business together. Our online signatory process provides a simple, secure way to make that happen.

We hope you give this online process a try. We think you'll find it much easier and faster than the old pen-and-paper method. In focus groups, we've seen Producers complete their end of the process in as little as 15 minutes.

If you find yourself confused, don't panic!

You can "hover" over any field with your mouse and see a quick explanation of the information we need.

We also have a full suite of easy-to-follow online videos and tutorials to guide you and answer your questions. Online Tutorials

And if that doesn't work, contact us by phone (323-549-6789) or click Here to email us and we'll walk you through it.

Right now, it is possible to complete the online signatory process for five contract types entirely online:

  • Student
  • Short
  • Ultra-low Budget
  • New Media
  • Corporate/Educational

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Even if your project doesn't fall under one of these contracts, submitting your basic information online will expedite the signatory process. A Business Representative will contact you to complete the signatory process if it cannot be completed online.